Friday, October 4, 2013

Ten Songs Worth Knowing

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This song by Pixies freezes me in time. Listening to it, I start to remember many events in my life I forgot about. It makes me reflect over those and analyze. I always come up with a new perspective on a problem after listening to that song.
This song is composed to express author's feelings towards the past and his love. I included this song because I find it beautiful.
"Волки" or "Wolfs" is actually a song about paratroopers and their feelings when they step out of the plane to fight. It's a huge metaphor to wolfs in winter. In me this song flares up a fire which inspires to continue whatever I started and carry it through.
"Дорога в облака" is "A road to the skies". It refers to the period of my life when I was making decision about whether to stay where I was or go and explore more. I continued my way and I am on my road to the skies. 
That song encourages me, freeing from fear. I feel much more powerful as I listen to it.
"Небо тебя найдёт" or "Sky will find you" states there is a different judgement system than people can imagine. "Sky does not wait for prayers,// Sky does not hear threats.// Sky itself will find you." Song changed my life by changing one fundamental idea in my head, and that is why it is on the list.
"Пробил час" - "The hour has come". What comes after is a result of only your actions.
My hour has come when I moved to United States.
"Civil war" is a song that plunges me into the world of calmness though reminding of turbulent struggles.
This song is different.
Кукушка - is a cuckoo bird. The song is a personal battle of the author that he lost. He sings he had the freedom, though it was given for money as he got popular. So he became a puppet after he was able to manipulate people through his songs and lost his freedom.
Кукушка is a dilemma.
This song inspires as it states that the world sags under you if you don't sag because of world.

Please, share the songs that inspire you. I appreciate it.

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  1. But what about the songs DDT "don't shoot" or "autumn", for example? As I remember, when you was a childe you loved to sing them very much.