Monday, October 14, 2013

Life Artifact

Skis are my artifact. They have been with me through a long period of my life, starting from a childhood, through boyhood and up to juvenescence. As a boy I was often taken to the woods by my dad and my mom and we were making circles on the pieces of wood tied to our legs. 

In woods I learnt much about the environment, about how my body works, discovered my personal traits. That’s where I raced with my father, constantly attempting to overtake him, though as a boy I had no chance against a healthy adult man. He always laughed and inspired me to new attempts, and I was never giving up. On skis I had my first injury laying down in a meter-deep snowdrift with a cracked bone in a leg and having not a soul nearby to help me out. 

On skis I spent time with my friends, racing with them, carrying out tricks and challenging our courage to roll down form high hills. And to this day, whenever I find myself at my hometown in Russia in winter I go to the same forest and ski.

Do you have an artifact that has been with you through your life?

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