Monday, October 14, 2013

Life Artifact

Skis are my artifact. They have been with me through a long period of my life, starting from a childhood, through boyhood and up to juvenescence. As a boy I was often taken to the woods by my dad and my mom and we were making circles on the pieces of wood tied to our legs. 

In woods I learnt much about the environment, about how my body works, discovered my personal traits. That’s where I raced with my father, constantly attempting to overtake him, though as a boy I had no chance against a healthy adult man. He always laughed and inspired me to new attempts, and I was never giving up. On skis I had my first injury laying down in a meter-deep snowdrift with a cracked bone in a leg and having not a soul nearby to help me out. 

On skis I spent time with my friends, racing with them, carrying out tricks and challenging our courage to roll down form high hills. And to this day, whenever I find myself at my hometown in Russia in winter I go to the same forest and ski.

Do you have an artifact that has been with you through your life?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Ten Songs Worth Knowing

Playlist Cover

This song by Pixies freezes me in time. Listening to it, I start to remember many events in my life I forgot about. It makes me reflect over those and analyze. I always come up with a new perspective on a problem after listening to that song.
This song is composed to express author's feelings towards the past and his love. I included this song because I find it beautiful.
"Волки" or "Wolfs" is actually a song about paratroopers and their feelings when they step out of the plane to fight. It's a huge metaphor to wolfs in winter. In me this song flares up a fire which inspires to continue whatever I started and carry it through.
"Дорога в облака" is "A road to the skies". It refers to the period of my life when I was making decision about whether to stay where I was or go and explore more. I continued my way and I am on my road to the skies. 
That song encourages me, freeing from fear. I feel much more powerful as I listen to it.
"Небо тебя найдёт" or "Sky will find you" states there is a different judgement system than people can imagine. "Sky does not wait for prayers,// Sky does not hear threats.// Sky itself will find you." Song changed my life by changing one fundamental idea in my head, and that is why it is on the list.
"Пробил час" - "The hour has come". What comes after is a result of only your actions.
My hour has come when I moved to United States.
"Civil war" is a song that plunges me into the world of calmness though reminding of turbulent struggles.
This song is different.
Кукушка - is a cuckoo bird. The song is a personal battle of the author that he lost. He sings he had the freedom, though it was given for money as he got popular. So he became a puppet after he was able to manipulate people through his songs and lost his freedom.
Кукушка is a dilemma.
This song inspires as it states that the world sags under you if you don't sag because of world.

Please, share the songs that inspire you. I appreciate it.